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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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gaining ground. some good economic news expected today when the government releases its latest job reports. round two. after getting pullabled by the blizzard of 2010 the winter weary northeast gears up for another snowstorm. and setting the stage. wall street salivates at internet giant facebook signals it could soon take the company public. captioning funded by cbs news for friday, january 27, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. some encouraging news when the economy when the government releases its latest employment numbers. while data shows the economic recovery is taking hold, jobs in
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one area slow to rebound since the recession. we have the details. what's this morning's report expected to tell us? >> well, betty, it looks like we'll see some growth in the job market. more people are getting jobs. economists say it's a sign the economy is building momentum. the big problem here as we all know is that there are still too many people out of work. jamie never thought she'd be one of the millions of americans still looker looking for work. >> i left thinking there would be no problem finding another job. that's what i do. that's what i'm good at. >> she quit her job in october for personal reasons only to get a sobering wakeup call. >> had i known what i know today i would have probably stuck it out. >> but today's report shows the job market is gaining ground. they added 145,000 jobs in december and unemployment dipped to 9.7%. some economists are even more optimistic following a report
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showing priesht companies alone added nearly 300,000 jobs last month. that's three times what would have been expected and the most in nearly a decade. >> we have to see more and more private sector jobs growth faster. >> and adding just some jobs isn't enough. the economy needs an additional 125,000 jobs every month just to keep up with population growth and roughly 200,000 jobs to really take a bite out of the unemployment rate. >> by midyear, you look in the rear view mirror and you'll say, ah, there, the growth started again but it won't make you feel healed. >> later today president obama will name the man whose primary job will be creating them. he named gene sperling as the head. he'll have a say in about every economic decision they make. >> yesterday we learned the number of people applying for unemployment benefits dropped to its lowest levels, betty, in
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2 1/2 years since july. i'll send it back to you. >> terrell brown in washington. the northeast is gearing up for another snowstorm. the forecast begins this morning two weeks after a blizzard terrorized the region. a storm watch has been released for new york, connecticut, and new jersey. up to six inches of snow is predicted for most areas. some could see more. new york city is still feeling the effects from the post-christmas storm. the city has been highly criticized for its response to that storm. this time, though, a new storm plan has been instituted including the installation of gps trackers on sanitation trucks. >> it gives us the ability to check on the location and progress of our snowplows or garbage pickup and these gps devices will also allow two-way communication giving our sanitation workers a way to contact the district supervisors. major airlines are warning of delays this morning and many
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are already waiving the usual fees to change flights. >> this morning there are reports of heightened security in london, in particular at the city's airports and train stations. britain's sky news is reporting that police were told to cancel their days off today. extra police at the airports and train stations were put on high alert. sky news also reports london's merge services were briefed on how to respond to attacks like the one in mumbai, india. today the households the first prurl vote. a final vote is scheduled for next week. an analysis by the nonpartisan congressional budget office predicts repealing the law would increase the deficit by $20 billion over ten years and that 32 million more people would be uninsured. republicans were quick to reject the cbo analysis. that led to political jealousy.
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>> good afternoon. >> reporter: democrats were quick to charge the new majority with hypocrisy. >> they are breaking their first promise in their first week. >> reporter: republicans countered that the health care law drafted by democrats was filled with fiscal gimmicks and released their own report estimating that the law would actually cost the country $2.6 trillion. >> i don't think anybody in this town believes that repealing obama care is going to increase the deficit. >> reporter: to prove they're serious about slashing spending, republicans called up their first piece of legislation, a 5% cut in congressional budget which passed overwhelmingly. >> we're asking you to take the first step and save at least $5 million. >> reporter: under fiscal strains they sent letters warning that the government could reach its $14 trillion debt limit as soon as march
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31st. republicans say any vote to raise the limit would have to come with strings attached. >> we do not want to just have some naked debt limit increase. want to have real fiscal control, real spending cuts that go with this. >> reporter: but the central drama of the day was a line-by-line reading of the u.s. constitution. >> we, the people, of the united states. >> which shall consist of a senate and a house of representatives. >> congress shall make no law on the house floor. >> reporter: republicans say the point they were trying to make with this reading is the constitution should be the basis of everything they do here. nancy cordes, cbs morning news, capitol hill. william daily is a long-time business manager with ties to the business kmernt. he served add commerce secretary during the clinton administration. he's the brother of retiring mayor richard daley.
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federal officials say there is no terror link to the two incindery packages send sent to government buildings in maryland. those buildings were sent to separate locations on thursday. they ignited when opened releasing a sulphur-like smell. two state employees were slightly burned. one package was addressed the maryland's governor and had a note complaining about highway signs. >> in los angeles investigators are trying to identify the suspects. at least ten women mentally and fizzlicly disabled were attacked at what appears to be a residential care facility. eight suspects were caught on tape. >> this was really shocking because we're supposed to defend the defenseness and these people are truly defenseless. they cannot fight off an attacker. they don't have the ability to consent to this kind of activity. >> it is unclear when the assaults took place, but it appears one of the suspects is a
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patient ald the other an employee of the facility. just ahead on the morning news, cry me a river, why there is no love for tearful women. plus, blasting blue shield. outrage over plans by the health insurer to jack up rates. you're watching cbs morning news. ate. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> woman: actually, i got lost a lot. now i just follow the steps, and i can get anywhere i want to go. turbotax lets me do my taxes the same way. its unique gps feature guides me step-by-step. searching over 350 deductions. so i get everything i deserve which helps me know it's done right. and gets me right to my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> man: try turbotax online now. you don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results. i had this chronic, deep ache all over -- it was a mystery to me. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain.
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k officials and consumer advocates are proposing another great increase. in march they want to impose their third great increase since october. some policyholders would end up paying 59% more in premiums. one consumer group warns the same thing could happen nation wide. doctors, hospitals and health insurers are in cahoots to raise the rates as much as possible. >> you think it's scary now? wait two years when federal law requires everybody this the
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united states to buy health insurance from these private insurance companies. >> the california insurance commissioner says he will try to block the rate hike for 60 days, but he has no power to stop it completely. on the cbs money watch, a laterally by asian stocks this morning. ashley has more on that. >> good morning to you, betty. most recovered from early profit. nikkei gained a fraction but hong kong's hang seng close dound about half a percent. today wall street gets a job. the blue chips lost 25 points while the nasdaq gained seven. fed chief ben bernanke ben bernanke will deliver a more encouraging message than usual when he testifies on capitol hill later this morning. the head of the central bank is saying he's growing more confident about the economic recovery. hoe'll also defend the new plan to buy back government debt and
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warns lawmakers that now is not the time to pull the plug on the program. facebook looks like it's ready to friend wall street. because the social networking giant will soon have more private investors than federal law allows, the company may not have a choice but to take the company public. "the wall street journal" reports an initial public offering of stocks could happen as soon as april of next year. facebook could pull in close to a billion dollars in profit this year alone. verizon, the largest wireless operatener the u.s. has unveiled ten smartphones and other gadgets with built-in access to its new 4 g network. the devices include the new xoom tablet. until now only sold laptop cards for its super fast network. and, finally, reports show music sales fell sharply in 2010. overall album sales dropped 13%. sales of downloaded digital
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music did rise slightly but the surprise was a 14% jump in sales of old-fashioned vinyl albums. 2.8 million vinyl records sold last year. that's the most since 1991. and, betty, i don't think i've actually seen a vinyl album until i went home for christmas. i went home this year and i looked in my room. there were all my big albums. i laughed out loud. >> a trip down memory lane. >> it was. >> all right, ashley morrison joining us in new york. a new study found that women's tears are a sexual turn-off for men. the sniff of tears of women who cried while watching sad movies and they found that a chemical in women's tears actually lowers testosterone levels and therefore the sex drive in men. well, we apparently don't have to shed any tears for aretha franklin. the queen of soul says she is getting better. aretha tells "jet" magazine that
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the surgery has been resolved. she still won't say what was wrong. reports are that it was pancreatic cancer. straight ahead, your weather. and in sports, don't look now but it could be the most amazing basketball shot of the year. [ bells jingling ] [ snorting ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ female announcer ] too many holiday treats? [ snorting ] ♪ take the special k challenge, with so many ways to lose up to six pounds in two weeks. what will you gain when you lose? get started at
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weather in cities around the country. new york with snow and 34 degrees. miami, sunny, 70. chicago, windy, 22. dallas, a sunny 65. l.a., mostly cloudy and 63. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows a large area of clouds swirling from the northern plains to the northeast, and rain and snow showers are falling in the northwest. later today the northwest will again see rain on the coast and snow in the mountains, and snow sometimes heavy will fall from the great lakes to the atlantic ocean. in sports we begin with nba action in dallas. in the second quarter, the mavericks' shawne merriman scored with a loop. kevin durant stole the ball for a dunk and wound up with 28 points. the final score, thunder, 99, mavs, 95. in the night's only other nba game sacramento's tyreke
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evans scored. they ruled the nuggets. stanford quarterback andrew lutz says thanks but no thanks. lutz led stanford to victory this week in the orange bowl and was likely to be the carolina panthers' number one pick, but he's decided to stay in school next year before turning pro. finally, in back-to-back basketball, late in the quarter austin gets the ball near mid court facing away from the basket and he hooevs it over his head. nothing but net there. let's watch it again in slow mo. just amazing. all right. when we return, another look at the top stories and cash claim. a me fwa pay day for a retired couple in washington state.
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suspect tried to escape. plus.. several flight attendants rushed to the hospital in san francisco. what's believed to be behind the health scare. the state fighting a major health insurance rate hike.. for thousands of californians. why our insurance commissioner may not be able to stop it. and facebook going public? the big move that may be coming this spring. join us for cbs 5 early edition ... beginning at 4:30. ,,,,
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on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. a storm in the northeast will drop several inches of snow across several states today into the weekend. the southern tier of the country is still warm and sunny and the northwest is under rain and snow showers. here's another look at this morning's top stories. reports of increased security this morning in london. sky news reports police have been told to cancel their days off, and train stations across london have been put on high alert. and this morning's jobs report is expected to show about 145,000 new jobs were created in december and that unemployment dropped to 9.7%. the winners of tuesday's mega million jackpot won't have to worry about jobs. though we still don't know who
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holds the winning ticket purchased in idaho. but on thursday a retired couple in washington state claimed their share of the huge jackpot. >> reporter: mega lottery winner jim mcculler says after 41 years of marriage, he knows what works and handed over the check to his wife chair lynn. what will the retired boeing workers do with all this money? >> the legacy is going to go generation after generation after generation. my kids, my grandkids, my great grandkids, and their children also. will never have to worry because we're not going to blow this. >> reporter: they played lucky numbers at this safeway. jim's had heart attacks in the past, joked about waking his wife the morning he won. i thought oh, don't tower like that in the middle of the night. she'll think you're having a heart attack. >> reporter: the mccullars share
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a $380 million jackpot with a still anonymous winner in idaho. vowed not to be changed by i the winning he opened his wallet and counted his money on hand. >> $8. [ applause ] >> and $190 million. >> reporter: which translates to $90 million if they take a lump payment. and it was a sweet home coming for a viral video super star and ex-radio man ted williams. on thursday he reunited with his mother in new york for the first time in two decades. >> hi, mommy. hi, mommy. i know. i feel the same way, mommy. >> i just did a commercial for kraft. i'm the official voice for kraft macaroni and cheese. the new kraft macaroni and cheese. >> 53-year-old williams became an overnight sensation after his famous voice was posted on the internet.
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the sooner you act, the better chance we can help you. man: ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong don't touch me. [ bleep ]. >> get out of here, you son of a [ bleep ]. >> my goodness. that cameraman covering a story in davison county, north carolina, came under attack. was struck with a stick in the leg and the back by the man who's the focus of a news investigation. he's accused of abusing his horses. police say he will likely face charges of assault and property damage. two sisters who agreed to share a kidney as a condition for release from prison will be freed today in mississippi. jamie and gladys were sentenced to life in prison for a robbery in 1994, a sentence civil rights
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groups called a miscarriage of justice. mississippi governor haley barbour delayed it so she could donate a kidney for her sister who suffers from kidney failure. finally it's the next big wave in digital revolution. fitness technology, clever devices to jump-start your workout. shows us some of them. >> come work out. >> reporter: whether you're training for your next triathlon or simply trying to fulfill a new year's resolution there are products on the market designed to help you get fit than ever before. >> these are all hand-free. they give you a great workout. >> in their four-year anniversary, it's the first year since they dedicated floor space to the fitness health zone. >> obviously there's a market for it. >> if there's money to be made
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they're going to make it better. >> a lot of people complain exercise is boring. denise is the maker of watches and headphones that work in a pool, even under water, and now even track your swim stroke. >> you swam 11 minutes 58 seconds of freestyle, 800 yards with 600 strokes. but whether you're swimming or even biking there's no shortage of devices that record your work outs and sync them to your smartphone. >> this will revolutionalize the way athletes train, the way they connect socially with each other, and the way they stay motivated. >> after you're finishing burning all of those calories there are even high-tech ways to measure your progress. one step on this scale will give you nine different body measurements. that is, if you do. some of us may not want that. coming up a little bit later on the "early show," snow watch in the northeast with snow that
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will pummel the area. we'll find out who will get hit hardest. plus an interview with viral star ted williams and his mother julia who reunited thursday. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching, everybody. i'm betty nguyen. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac --
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